Explora Journeys

ADDITIONAL GUESTS AND YOUNGER TRAVELLERS 102 We welcome all generations and are delighted to offer exceptional savings for younger explorers and larger groups. INFANTS BETWEEN 6 MONTHS* TO 23 MONTHS OLD** SAIL FREE OF CHARGE — CHILDREN BETWEEN 2 AND 17 YEARS OLD** ARE ELIGIBLE FOR ADDITIONAL SAVINGS OF UP TO 50% OFF THE CURRENT FARE — ADULTS TRAVELLING AS 3RD GUESTS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR SAVINGS OF UP TO 25% — To benefit from this special offer, infants, children or adults should be registered as 3rd or 4th guests in the same suite. The 1st and 2nd guests are not eligible, regardless of their age at the time of sailing. *We are unable to accommodate infants under 6 months **Age at the time of sailing Savings apply to selected categories of suites. Terms and conditions apply, please go to page 103 for more information. BACK TO CONTENTS