Explora Journeys

A centrally-located social bar and lounge. A central gathering social bar and lounge, amongst high-end boutiques, provides the ideal spot to enjoy refreshments throughout the day and night. A refined tour of the global whisky regions. Set within the Explora Lounge, Malt offers a refined tour of the global whisky regions, including some of the rarest whiskies. complete with a walk-in humidor, cigar expert and dedicated outdoor cigar-smoking terrace. LOBBY BAR INDOOR SEATING: 40 OPEN ALL DAY INDOOR SEATING: 20 OPEN FROM THE AFTERNOON TO LATE IN THE EVENING Bustling European all-day café culture brought to the oceans of the world. A thick luxurious layer of crema nods to the freshness of an espresso and aptly lends authenticity and sophistication to a café at the centre of life on board. Inspired by modern European café culture, Crema Café has unpretentiously stylish interiors with comfortable lounge seating, featuring sophisticated reading material and art set against uninterrupted views of the sea. A place designed to meet, discuss, unwind, taste and indulge, where like-minded guests gather to mingle and converse. CREMA CAFÈ INDOOR SEATING: 68 OUTDOOR SEATING: 18 OPEN ALL DAY FROM EARLY MORNING MALT WHISKY BAR 42 BACK TO CONTENTS