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Authentic French and Italian indulgences in a relaxed weather-protected poolside environment. Set in the relaxed, weather-protected poolside Conservatory, this is the place to treat yourself to authentic French and Italian indulgencies. OPEN DURING THE DAY GELATERIA & CRÊPERIE AT THE CONSERVATORY All-day lounge opening up to the Astern Pool. Astern Lounge is the social hub of the journey, with a collection of events and rituals suited to every taste. Effortlessly transitioning throughout the day, Astern Lounge hosts live music, DJ sessions and enrichment insights. Coming to life from sundown, the lounge perfects the aperitivo through a ritual of celebrating the golden hour, complemented by live entertainment. An all-day pool and outdoor lounge setting for a seaside escape. An all-day lounge next to the infinity pool on deck 5, ideal for a seaside escape offering chilled beach club vibes, with low background music by day and acoustic musicians and DJs as the sun sets, continuing throughout the evening. Outdoor dining is available fromnearby Sakura restaurant in bento boxes, conveniently served seated at a table, a lounger or a poolside sunbed. Refreshing towels and sun screen are offered to guests throughout the day. ASTERN LOUNGE INDOOR SEATING: 70 OPEN ALL DAY ASTERN POOL & BAR OUTDOOR SEATING: 122 ( INCLUDES SUNBEDS, LOUNGE CHAIRS AND BAR SEATING) OPEN ALL DAY 44 BACK TO CONTENTS