Explora Journeys

It’s not enough to just go to Cairo’s Great Pyramids or Rio’s Christ the Redeemer; intimately feel the power of their presence, find yourself tingling with goosebumps and experience it in a way that quenches your thirst to do more than anyone else can experience. You must stare face-to-face with our world’s marvels This is our definition of boundless, to go beyond limitations, in a manner that defines the pinnacle of discovery. BOUNDLESS DISCOVERIES INTIMATE AND SMALL GROUPS — TAILOR-MADE BOUTIQUE ADVENTURES — EXPLORERS WITH EXPERTISE IN THEIR FIELD OF STUDY TO ENHANCE THE EXPERIENCE — 5-STAR ACCOMMODATIONS IF REQUIRED — HIGH-END CULINARY EXPERIENCES — VIP ACCESS TO LANDMARK SITES AND SPECIAL EVENTS — METICULOUSLY VETTED HOSTS TO COORDINATE ALL LOGISTICS — LUXURY TRANSPORTATION WHAT TO EXPECT Boutique in nature and BOLDER in ADVENTURE, our BOUNDLESS Discoveries expand must-do experiences with hidden WONDERS that let you see the world from a debonair PERSPECTIVE. 92 BACK TO CONTENTS