Explora Journeys

Effortless all-day dining, inspired by cuisines and flavours from across the globe. Emporium Marketplace is an effortless all-day dining restaurant, bringing the global culinary talent and produce to the fore to offer diverse cuisines with a focus on quality produce, inspired by local destinations, and allowing guests total flexibility in what they choose to eat, and when. A global tasting tour of French-inspired international cuisine. A common red thread that unites international flavours with a French influence. Fil Rouge is a sophisticated and intimate restaurant, offering a global tasting tour of French-inspired international cuisine, where guests are encouraged to take their time to appreciate both the cuisine and the intimate ambience. An elegant dessert cart tempts with the freshest creations served tableside, and a superb wine selection showcases the best of both the Old and NewWorld vineyards. FIL ROUGE INDOOR SEATING: 222 OPEN FOR BREAKFAST AND DINNER EMPORIUM MARKETPLACE 18 SEPARATE COOKING STATIONS EVOLVE THROUGHOUT THE DAY INDOOR SEATING: 27 1 OUTDOOR SEATING: 78 OPEN FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER INFUSING tastes and textures of Italy, Spain, Greece, France, and North Africa A relaxed celebration of the flavours, ambience and la dolce vita of the Mediterranean. Inspired by sailings across crystal clear waters, the Med Yacht Club is influenced by sophisticated, beachside Mediterranean restaurants, embracing the varied cuisines of the region - infusing tastes and textures of Italy, Spain, Greece, France, and North Africa – while incorporating plant-based, vegetarian and wholesome ingredients. The restaurant’s design is effortlessly refined, withrelaxed,convivialatmosphere,brightlighting, large portholes, and Med-influenced music. Wines will showcase the rich vineyards of the Mediterranean, with fresh juices and cocktails honouring regional ingredients. MED YACHT CLUB INDOOR SEATING: 136 (34 AT THE BAR) OPEN FOR LUNCH AND DINNER 38 BACK TO CONTENTS