Explora Journeys

Our team brings ENTHUSIASM for provenance along with a plethora of stories about the rare ingredients, which are HAND-SELECTED just for Explora Journeys. BACK TO CONTENTS An immersive experience offering culinary classes and private dining. The Chef’s Kitchen is an immersive experience held in an ocean-front private kitchen setting for 12 guests. Our team of culinary experts guides our guests through a journey of discovering new ingredients, flavours, textures and cultures, regardless of their cooking skills level. The experience continuously evolves around the regions visited by the ship, and will also extend ashore with visits to local markets and hand-picked producers. The adjacent private dining room is the perfect venue for guests to celebrate their new skills, savour the incredible dishes they created, paired with superb wines from our sommeliers. CHEF’ S KITCHEN INDOOR SEATING: 12 AN EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE FEE APPLIES 39 BACK TO CONTENTS Refined dining in the comfort of your suite or private terrace. Our guests can enjoy an array of cuisines at any time, day or night, in the comfort of their suite or private terrace. Available 24 hours, the menu offers guests a taste of each of our unique dining destinations. IN-SUITE DINING GUESTS CAN DISCOVER AND ENJOY DIVERSE FLAVOURS FROM AROUND THE WORLD, INSPIRED BY THE OCEAN STATE OF MIND.